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The Christophers a band you have to hear
to believe, like a cross between a
modern Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem but with a sound all their own.
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MANCHESTER MUSIC- The Christophers are wearing dark suits with quite scary yellow specs. They look like they work for a top secret government research facility - or have escaped from one. Wherever it is they've come from, anyway, they've come equipped with minimalist art-rock post-punk disco-funk so sharp it'd have The Rapture stocking up on Elastoplasts. There's a delightful cynicism about their lyrics and some killer hooks and beats. Add to that some sturdy assertive basslines, demonically abrasive guitar parts and the precision beat of a drum machine underpinning staccato near-robotic vocals, and overall you get something which takes in rather a lot of 1979 (specifically The Fall, A Certain Ratio, Wire and Talking Heads) and dumps it squarely in 2007

(there are bits where if you close your eyes it actually might be LCD Soundsystem).

BBC MANCHESTER - "It may be the simple, addictive loops, it could be the drone pleasure vocals, it might be the subtle guitars or maybe it’s just the name swaying me, but I can’t help but sense a whiff of something very special about The Christophers. With just enough retro to be fun and just enough future to be cutting edge, that double electro debut album could turn out to be one hot record."

CDBABY - The Christophers make angular, slicing dance-rock like no one else does! Chris Insley's staccato, punctuating guitars raise the post punk ghosts while pointing steadfastedly toward the future.

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